Small Details And References You Missed In That ’90s Show Season 1

In Episode 6 of “That ’90s Show,” which takes place sometime between the fourth of July and Labor Day 1995, Leia Forman turns 15. Folks, that math is wonky.

 “That ’70s Show” ended as the calendar was just about to turn to January 1, 1980, and 40 weeks after that date is October 8. In a conspiracy theory revelation suitable for a smoke circle, Donna must have been already pregnant when the original series ended. Furthermore, all personality signs point to Leia definitely being Eric’s daughter, so they were likely secretly hooking up before officially getting back together in the series finale. Naysayers may offer up the possibility that Leia was born prematurely. Fair enough, but it still means Donna and Eric got pregnant immediately. They did not pass Go. They did not collect $200.

Moreover, premature labor doesn’t address the issue of Jay Kelso at all. In Episode 1, Michael Kelso tells Red that Jay is his son, but Jay — who already has his driver’s license — is obviously older than Leia. There was never any onscreen indication that Jay was Jackie’s son, and this timeline certainly confirms that, but it opens up an even bigger question: Who is Jay’s mom?

Given the nature of the show, it’s unlikely any of these details will be addressed with more than a shrug, if at all, but in selecting the setting for “That ’90s Show,” writers were no doubt aware of these details.

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