Every Alien In The Alien Movies, Ranked By How Creepy They Are

2012’s “Prometheus” introduces several concepts into the “Alien” universe. Sadly, the execution of these ideas becomes muddied, making lofty ideological connotations hard to follow. Regardless of the occasional incoherence of the plot, there are memorable creepy crawlies sprinkled throughout the film — like the squid-like creature Shaw forcibly removes from her stomach.

After being infected by Holloway, Shaw realizes an unwanted creature is growing inside her. Rather than experience a painful (and deadly) chest bursting, Shaw has a machine-assisted C-section. Hands down, it’s the most gruesome scene in the film. What emerges from her stomach is something audiences had never seen before: a Trilobite, which looks kind of like a cross between a squid and a face-hugger. The following sequence — where the machine arm holds the Trilobite over Shaw’s face while she’s trapped in the operating pod – is utterly terrifying and gut-wrenching.

Weirdly, the Trilobite gets less frightening as it grows. Minutes later, the Trilobite looks to be about six feet in diameter as it goes to town on the remaining Engineer. At this point, it really just does look like a giant squid. Although it isn’t exactly pleasant to look at, it doesn’t have the same effect as it did when it was squirming around inches from Shaw’s face. Had that scene lasted longer, the Trilobite might have been higher up on the list.

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