The Biggest Accidents And Injuries On MythBusters

The sinking car episode wasn’t the only time Adam found himself in a dangerous upside-down situation. In the 2014 season, the MythBusters tested whether Hollywood car stunts were realistic. They “Busted” the notion that it’s difficult to push your opponent off the road during a car chase, finding it to be quite easy. Likewise, they “Busted” the possibility of one speeding car driving up another like a ramp.

For the final myth, the MythBusters tested whether a (novice) driver could tip his car sideways and drive around on two wheels. Adam and Jamie constructed a half-ramp that they would drive up with the left side of a car, elevating it onto its two right tires. But, after hours of attempting to use the ramp, they found themselves completely unable to control a half-elevated car, or even to keep it on its right wheels for more than a few seconds. When they called in a veteran driver for guidance, their attempts improved somewhat … until they didn’t.

In one particularly bold test, Adam was able to drive the half-elevated car for almost ten seconds. But then he tilted it too far and quickly lost control. The car flipped completely onto its side and then onto its back, skidding for several yards before grinding to a halt. It was an intense-looking crash: The windows shattered, spraying the upside-down men with glass. Thankfully, both Adam and the expert driver were okay — even though neither had a helmet. This myth, too, was declared “Busted.”

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