The Untold Truth Of Elvis Presley

Though Elvis Presley would go on to become the King of Rock and Roll and the bestselling recording artist of all time, the Mississippi native was brought up in humble circumstances and endured a difficult and at times traumatic childhood.

The first tragedy of Elvis’ life occurred at the time of his birth. According to Peter Guralnick, whose biography, “Last Train to Memphis: The Rise of Elvis Presley,” was published to critical acclaim in 1995, Elvis was raised as an only child, but was, in fact, a twin. A brother, Jesse Garon, with whom Elvis had shared a womb, was stillborn, having been delivered at 4 am on January 8, 1935, around half an hour before Elvis himself.

The heartbreaking facts of Jesse’s death prior to Elvis’ birth had severe emotional repercussions for the surviving twin. Per the same source, the future superstar would pay repeated visits to his twin brother’s unmarked grave throughout his childhood, ruminating on his lost brother at Priceville Cemetary in the Presleys’ hometown of Tupelo. As he grew older and became famous, Elvis made no secret of his loss, referring to Jesse frequently in interviews, while the twins’ mother, Gladys, reportedly comforted herself with the belief that Elvis’ incredible success has come in part from inheriting the strength of his brother Jesse.

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