The Ending Of Tulsa King Season 1 Explained

Between successfully launching several “Star Trek” series, in addition to fan-favorite shows like “The Good Fight,” “Evil,” and Taylor Sheridan’s “Yellowstone” universe, Paramount+ has proven its ability to pick a winner. Produced by Taylor Sheridan and helmed by Terence Winter of “Boardwalk Empire” fame, it’s hardly surprising that “Tulsa King” has become one of the more talked-about crime dramas on television during its nine-episode entry into the streaming market. According to Deadline, the series was an instant hit, leading to its renewal after only three episodes aired.

With Dwight’s crew established and a casino in the mix, the Manfredi operation is primed for expansion during Season 2. If there’s anything we’ve learned about the organized crime business between shows like “Breaking Bad,” “Ozark,” and “Weeds,” it’s that the bigger the operation gets, the more attention it draws from other criminal enterprises and government agents alike.

Bodhi, Tyson, and Grace came a long way in Season 1, and it would be nice to see them become more assertive in Season 2 or even move into capo positions. It’s likely Bodhi’s wire fraud dabbling could come into play if the government doesn’t crack down on him thanks to Stacy’s betrayal. Dwight will need to talk his way out of some jail time, which shouldn’t be too hard since Stacy is objectively off the rails, and he’ll likely be spending more time getting cozy with Margaret. Tina will need to decide if she’s about that Dwight life, and Chickie will need to work out whether it’s worth the headache to try to continue his anti-Dwight agenda. 

Either way, expect Season 2 to have more great chemistry from the General’s team of lovable mafia misfits.

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