Alyssa Farah Griffin Clashes With Sunny Hostin Over Biden Holding Onto Classified Documents on ‘The View’: “Huge Win For Trump”

Alyssa Farah Griffin and Sunny Hostin found themselves in a bit of a rough spot during today’s episode of The View while discussing the double standard between Donald Trump‘s Mar-a-Lago documents and classified documents found in President Joe Biden‘s old office.

Whoopi Goldberg introduced the tense convo during a Hot Topics segment, where she said, “the White House has been cooperating with the National Archives and Justice Department’s review since November,” when they discovered the classified documents in the president’s former office from when he was VP in the Obama administration.

Griffin, the only Republican on the panel that day, was the first to admit that “absolutely no one” was going to like her take, but told them she was going to “go there anyway.”

“I want to be clear, the facts are different from the Trump case,” she began. “However, I think this is a huge win for Trump. Because if you’re Merrick Garland, who is already extremely cautious and doesn’t want to break the longstanding precedent of not indicting a president, it’s very hard to make the case that Donald Trump should be indicted for this — even though the facts are different — when he can argue, ‘Well, now the Vice President also took home classified documents.’”

Adding that she thinks this “kills the case,” Griffin also mentioned that the “only difference is obstruction, which, Trump did engage in obstruction.”

Meanwhile, Hostin chimed in to say, “I disagree with that,” before pointing out, “Donald Trump was asked to return the documents voluntarily, refused, then refused several subpoenas, kept [documents] in toilets and kept them not in a locked place and kept them on the floor. Anybody could have had access.”

She continued, “He had top secret classified information, including things that would’ve put people’s lives in danger, including nuclear documents. And there were 300 documents found. So I think that you cannot compare one to the other. That’s like comparing apples to orangutans. Clearly different.”

Griffin then noted that the “legal standard is not where you keep the classified documents” and revealed that even “if you put a lock on the door, that doesn’t legally change the fact that you did not transport them securely,” to which Hostin fired back, “It does legally change the intent element.”

While Sara Haines jumped in to say that she feels Biden’s situation “needs to be addressed” and that “we don’t know enough quite yet to see what these documents are,” she agreed with Griffin, saying, “I don’t think this was good for the case against Donald Trump.”

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