How M3GAN Stacks Up Against Horror’s Favorite Killer Dolls: An Investigation

Baby Oopsy Daisy is usually considered a clone of a particular doll we’ll discuss towards the end of this investigation, and if I’m being honest, I can kind of see why. As part of Full Moon’s gaggle of “Demonic Toys,” this baby doll is foul-mouthed and has murder on the brain. After all, he’s got to serve his master, The Kid, in his quest for … world domination, I think? He’s got the whole antichrist thing going, but he’s not actually that clear on what he wants. Well, anyways, the point is that Baby Oopsy Daisy has become a favorite villain among Full Moon fans.

Unfortunately, he also kind of sucks. If his main purpose is to kill, he does a pretty terrible job at it, which is why M3GAN would have no problem disposing of him. If I’m being realistic, she can probably get him to shut up in one swift punch, shove, or stab. Honestly? Good for her. That baby is annoying.

Likelihood of M3GAN winning: HIGH

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