Joy Behar Slams “Motormouth” Lauren Boebert on ‘The View’: “Makes Kellyanne Conway Look Like Henry Kissinger”

The View is continuing its coverage of the real-time disaster that is the House Speaker vote after cackling over the mess on yesterday’s show. As Kevin McCarthy tries to lock down the title for the third day today, the co-hosts chatted about what lies in store for the Republican party, but not before taking a few jabs at one of its newest (and most controversial) stars.

Rep. Lauren Boebert, who appeared on Hannity yesterday (Jan. 4) to react to the House Speaker vote fiasco, has been staunchly anti-McCarthy, and The View had a field day with her interview after playing a segment during Hot Topics.

“Kevin McCarthy does not have 218 votes. Kevin McCarthy will not be speaker,” Boebert told Sean Hannity last night, but he pushed back, telling the congresswoman that she only has 20 votes and then accusing her of acting like the Speaker vote was a “game show.”

Still, Boebert refused to back down, firmly stating, “I will not withdraw.” After playing the clip of her interview, which was shortened for air time, Whoopi Goldberg said, “Uh, okay. It kind of sounds like she’s not budging,” then asked her co-hosts what they thought of the ongoing House debacle, as McCarthy enters his seventh vote after losing the past six rounds.

While Joy Behar is no fan of McCarthy, she also had nothing nice to say about Boebert. She told the panel, “This Lauren Boebert, she makes Kellyanne Conway look like Henry Kissinger,” referring to Donald Trump’s Senior Counselor to the President and comparing her to the former Secretary of State.

Behar continued, “She is another motormouth who doesn’t stop talking,” before adding, “You have to watch the whole [interview]. Ten minutes of hilarity. Watch it!”

Her comments come after she admitted to feeling a hefty dose of schadenfreude at Republicans’ expense. Behar told her co-hosts on yesterday’s show, “I sort of enjoyed that they’re in such disarray because they deserve it. It was nice that they took a break from destroying the country and started to turn on each other.”

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