Times The View Cast Lashed Out At Their Own Audience

During the Trump administration, Whoopi Goldberg famously avoiding referring to then-President Donald Trump by name. During his time in office, when discussing him during the “Hot Topics” segments of the show, she only referred to him as “You know who.” During a 2018 interview with David Axelrod, she explained that she simply couldn’t bring herself to call him president. “Listen, this is the first time where I can’t wrap my mind around this, and that people felt the need to put this in,” she explained. “So yeah, I know people don’t like that I don’t do it. I’m fine with that.” 

In December 2019, when news broke that Trump was being impeached, the audience at “The View” broke into applause and loud cheers. Despite them being in a joyous mood, some co-hosts on the panel weren’t too happy. Co-host Meghan McCain referred to it as “America’s funeral” (via The Daily Beast), and Goldberg was also in a somber mood. As the crowd cheered, the co-host turned to them and began scolding them.

“No, no, this is not a celebratory moment. This is not a good thing,” she said while wagging a finger at them. She referenced past impeachments for Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon and stressed that this was not a good moment for America. “This is not good. But in order to keep our nation on point, we must do the due diligence that the Constitution requires,” she said.

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