The Most Cringeworthy Moments In Frasier

In the Season 5 premiere, “Frasier’s Imaginary Friend,” the titular lead hits it off with supermodel Kelly Easterbrook (Sela Ward) on a plane trip to Mexico. During their romantic weekend, Kelly tells him she’s in the middle of a break-up with a professional football player and asks him to be discreet. 

Back home, Frasier unintentionally convinces his family and co-workers that he’s gone from being lonely to delusional. When he confides in his father, brother, and Daphne who he’s dating, they think he’s lying to avoid humiliation. It gets to the point where his family pays a surprise visit to him in a restaurant where he says he’s meeting Kelly, and because (of course) she has to leave dinner early for an emergency, Niles and Marty find Frasier eating alone and are more convinced than ever that Kelly is as real as Santa Claus.

Rather than simply telling Kelly about the situation and asking if he could take a picture of them to offer as proof — or, better yet, just let the whole thing go — Frasier goes down a disturbingly creepy path. One night, Frasier waits until Kelly is sound asleep, pulls the sheets down to reveal her shoulder, and tries to take a selfie years before anyone used the word. Predictably, Kelly wakes up and once she realizes what Frasier’s trying to do, she tells him exactly what she thinks of what he’s done. Considering his behavior, it’s tough to blame her for dumping him hard.

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