What Only True Fans Know About The Holiday Movie

Eagle-eyed fans of “A Christmas Prince” may have noticed a peculiar detail about the sequel — there was a brand-new actor playing Amber’s dad, Rudy. In the first film, her father was played by Daniel Fathers, who was there to offer advice from his Brooklyn diner. In the second movie, however, Rudy is reincarnated as the actor John Guerrasio, who gives a much more comedic performance. 

While the films chose to ignore the obvious recasting, they did include a quick little reference to Rudy’s very new look when Princess Emily says to Amber, “I thought he had a goatee,” and she replies, “He shaved it for the wedding.” Oh, so that’s why he has a whole new face (via Insider).

While many fans loved Guerrasio’s performance, other’s weren’t too pleased. In fact, a petition even went around demanding that Fathers was brought back.

So, why did Netflix choose to recast Fathers? The company hasn’t made an official statement, but we’re willing to bet it was simply a matter of finding an actor who could offer a little more comedic relief. 

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