Small Details You Missed In Disenchanted

While most of the original cast of “Enchanted” is back for the sequel, the film features several new faces as well, and many of them will be familiar to pop culture fans. Maya Rudolph, who plays Malvina, the dastardly queen of Monrolasia, was a mainstay on “Saturday Night Live” for years. She’s since gone on to star in a diverse array of movies and TV shows, including “Bridesmaids,” “The Good Place,” and most recently, the Apple TV+ series “Loot.”

Meanwhile, Malvina’s henchmen Ruby and Rosaleen are played by Jayma Mays and Yvette Nicole Brown, respectively. Viewers may know Mays from a variety of noteworthy TV shows, including “Glee,” “Ugly Betty,” and “Drunk History.” Brown has a number of credits to her name too, including “Muppets Haunted Mansion” and “The Odd Couple,” but she’ll likely be most familiar to fans of the cult sitcom “Community,” on which she starred for six seasons as Shirley. Speaking of noteworthy TV credits, fans of the perennially popular “The Office” are likely to smile at the sight of the Monroeville barista Edgar because he’s played by Oscar Nuñez, who depicted Oscar Martinez on the adored comedy.

Finally, fans of “Wreck-It Ralph” may feel that the Scroll in “Disenchanted” sounds a lot like King Candy from the 2012 film. That’s no coincidence: both voices were provided by Alan Tudyk, and while Tudyk has done a lot of TV and movie voice acting, he’s also gained recognition for his live-action performances in TV series like “Firefly” and “Resident Alien.”

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