Facts Only Huge Fans Know About DC’s Famous Bounty Hunter

Lobo is not associated with one particular hero, unlike so many other villains and anti-heroes. Deadpool is organically linked to the X-Men, Black Adam shares origins with Shazam, and Venom wouldn’t exist without Spider-Man. But the Main Man is a force unto himself, traveling the DC universe and starting fights with anyone and everyone, including Superman, Green Lantern, and the Teen Titans. Similarly, the character is seemingly not limited to his original publishing company’s roster, as he’s also had incidents with Wolverine, Judge Dredd, and Santa Claus. Still, one of Lobo’s most popular comic book run-ins occurred in a 1997 two-part series in which he faced The Mask.

The Mask is best known for the 1994 feature film of the same name in which he was portrayed by Jim Carrey. But not many fans are aware that “The Mask” started in comic books. The character debuted with a trilogy of limited series in the early ’90s. Inspired by The Joker, “Big Head” is a dangerous character with powers that work similarly to cartoon physics, including shapeshifting, body manipulation, instantaneous healing, and immortality. Unsurprisingly, when Mask and Lobo’s paths crossed it proved to be catastrophic, destroying Manhattan and an entire solar system in their wake. Subsequently, “Lobo/Mask” has become a cult classic among comic readers for its over-the-top nature and a thought-provoking twist ending.

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