Small Details You Missed In Hulu’s Hellraiser

“Hellraiser” is a franchise rife with humans just as monstrous as the demonic figures that emerge to cause torment. The first film focuses on Frank Cotton (Sean Chapman), a man twisted up in his own selfish desires. After having an affair with his brother’s wife, he is seemingly killed by the Cenobites after solving the puzzle box. Later, a small sampling of his brother’s blood brings him back to life — partially. Frank uses his former flame, Julia (Clare Higgins), to bring him sacrificial lambs in the form of dates she has seduced to help him rejuvenate fully. He eventually betrays Julia. In the second film, Julia is resurrected by Dr. Phillip Channard (Kenneth Cranham). She uses him just like Frank used her in the previous film. She ultimately betrays Dr. Channard. See the pattern here?

In the sixth film, “Hellraiser: Hellseeker,” Kirsty Cotton (Ashley Laurence) returns to the franchise. Now, she is married to a man named Trevor (Dean Winters). However, she suddenly dies in a car accident. The film’s big reveal is that Trevor plotted the death of his wife for her inheritance. Trevor is the one who perished in the car accident, not Kirsty. She offered the Cenobites Trevor in exchange for her own life. The film is essentially Trevor just living in his own version of hell. Hulu’s “Hellraiser” features another man by the name of Trevor, this time played by Drew Starkey, who happens to be Riley’s newest boyfriend. Fans who are familiar with the “Hellraiser” franchise and picked up on a detail as simple as Trevor’s name may have actually seen the reveal of his deceit coming. He was hired by Voight to lure Riley and her friends into being the human sacrifices for the box.

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