Matt Hardy Teases ‘New’ Jeff Hardy

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Jeff Hardy made his long-awaited debut in AEW back in March, but unfortunately for the “Charismatic Enigma,” his run with the company was short-lived when he fell into legal trouble, getting arrested for a DUI in June. The unfortunate situation with Jeff cost him and his brother Matt a chance at winning AEW tag team gold while being suspended from AEW by Tony Khan. Since then, there hasn’t been much said about Jeff as he’s been dealing with the situation in court dating back to early August, and his brother throughout has preached how Jeff needs to take some time to figure things out. However, on the latest episode of “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy,” Matt teased the potential return of Jeff while talking with his guest Wardlow about the prospects surrounding a trio including the three of them.

“That sounds great,” Hardy said, referring to the idea of winning AEW World Trios belts with Wardlow and Jeff. “Pretty exciting, we’re getting close to the point where we meet the new Jeff and we figure out his future and what he ends up doing. I’m pretty excited because I feel like his mentality is that he knows he has to make changes and do what’s right and I feel like he’s at the point where he will this time around. I’m excited to have him back and I think [teaming with Jeff and Wardlow] would be amazing, would be so much fun.”

Having been on the record stating that his ultimate dream match would be to work with his favorite team growing up, Wardlow gave his opinion on if he’d like to chase those titles with Matt and Jeff. “I think I don’t need to answer that on how much that would mean to me,” Wardlow said. “Yeah, I can’t even fathom that. I don’t even know what that would feel like.” The dream trio would have to go through current AEW World Trios Champions “The Death Triangle” in order to achieve this feat.

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