This Is What Happened To The Cast Of American Pie

Jason Biggs was the actor tasked with bringing that infamous apple pie moment to life, and we can only imagine he had a million questions for his director before doing the deed. That’s probably true of most of his scenes in “American Pie” because more than any other character, Jim suffers the brunt of the film’s (nay, the franchise’s) angsty teen indignities.

Whatever the case, one has to admire Biggs’ dedication to enduring those indignities, and he leans so fully into every salacious moment that you simply can’t imagine “American Pie,” let alone the ensuing films, without him — or without that apple pie, the super glue, that beard trimmer, or, well, you get the idea.

While “American Pie” indeed made the relative unknown Biggs a star, he’s had trouble replicating such meteoric success in the years since. Still, the actor has made a mark in the entertainment biz, carving out career with films including “Loser,” “Saving Silverman,” and “Who We Are Now,” as well as memorable work on Netflix’s prison dramedy “Orange is the New Black” and Kevin Smith’s “Jay and Silent Bob” flicks.

More recently, Biggs starred on two short-lived series: the NBC family sitcom “Outmatched” and the 2021 E! game show “Jason Biggs’ Cash at Your Door.”

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