The Untold Truth Of Ridiculousness

“Ridiculousness” isn’t only enjoyed in the US. The show airs all around the globe, but instead of dubbing already recorded episodes, each country gets its own hosts reacting to clips. In 2015, “Ridículos Chile” was the first international version of the show, followed by “Ridiculous Made In France,” “Vergüenza Ajena: Made in Spain,” “Niemożliwe Made In Poland,” and more in 2016. Although comedy is said to be one of the most challenging genres to translate, the universal pleasure of watching someone get hurt in a silly manner will always bring us together.

The simple yet effective format of “Ridiculousness” has also been recreated into multiple spin-offs, including MTV’s “Amazingness,” “Deliciousness,” “Adorableness,” and “Messyness.” If the shows’ basic formats didn’t give it away, the shared “ness” in the titles surely will. The first spin-off, “Amazingness,” deviated the most from the “Ridiculousness” format. Hosted by Dyrdek himself, the talent competition ran from December 2017 to January 2018, featuring six contestants performing in front of judges Chris “Drama” Pfaff, Eddie Huang, and Krystal Bee. A $10,000 prize was awarded to the final performer standing.

The other three spin-offs do not feature Dyrdek, but they stay true to his style. Tiffani Thiessen commentates on disastrous food-related clips on “Deliciousness,” James Davis commentates on the kind of clips that make you cry out “aww” on “Adorableness,” and Snooki commentates on pure debauchery on “Messyness.”

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