TV Villains Who Are Actually Played By Nice Actors

Sometimes described as one of the few perfect TV series in history, “Breaking Bad” just wouldn’t be the same without Bryan Cranston. He played Walter White as if he actually lived through Walter’s villainous arc, but he couldn’t really be farther from the high school science teacher turned meth cook.

Despite his explosive role on “Breaking Bad,” by all accounts, Cranston is basically just a regular, nice guy who happens to be one hell of an actor. Even so, he takes his craft seriously and has great relationships with those he has worked with. Cranston told the Telegraph Magazine that he is still “very, very close” with his “Breaking Bad” co-star Aaron Paul after becoming somewhat of a father figure to him, as well as a friend.

Naturally, Cranston’s colleagues have nothing but praise for him as well. In a dual interview with Cranston for, “Breaking Bad” creator Vince Gilligan revealed how beloved Cranston was on the set of the hit series. “The crew loves Bryan, because he really is a leader,” Gilligan said. “He’s like a dad on the set.” Cranston also has a profound loyalty to Gilligan for taking his career to superstardom with the series, telling The Hollywood Reporter that he and Paul will always say “yes” to the “Breaking Bad” creator when he asks them to be a part of a project. All these traits combined makes Cranston a nice guy who’s famous for being a mass murderer on TV.

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