Here’s What The Cast Of Grease Is Doing Now

Marty, another Pink Lady, was pretty entertaining to watch, and it was clear she didn’t really care much about conventional standards. Played by Dinah Manoff, Marty was the perfect addition to “Grease.” After appearing in the movie, Manoff went on to star in many projects, writing, directing, and producing here and there. Most notably, Manoff starred in “Empty Nest” for several years before moving on to “State of Grace.” Her last project, “Bart Got a Room,” was in 2008, and in an interview with Empty Nest TV, Manoff explained that she was done with Hollywood.

“When my twins turned 3 and my oldest turned 9, my wonderful husband and I decided it was time to get out of Dodge, a.k.a. Los Angeles,” she explained, adding, “So now I am raising my kids, riding my horse, writing a novel, teaching acting, cooking vegetable soup from my garden.”

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