Every Jean-Claude Van Damme Movie Ranked Worst To Best

In 1991 actor Jean-Claude Van Damme and director Sheldon Lettich, who’d worked together on the action classics “Bloodsport” and “Lionheart,” got together for a double dose of action in “Double Impact.” Van Damme stars as a twin pair of brothers, Chad and Alex, separated as infants when their wealthy parents were gunned down in a vicious attack by Triad hitmen in Hong Kong in the 1960s. Chad is taken by the family bodyguard (Geoffrey Lewis), while Alex is left at an orphanage in China by their loyal maid.

In 1991, Chad is lured to Hong Kong, where he meets Alex, who has reunited them to get revenge on the man who killed their parents (Alan Scarfe) and get their hands on their share of their inheritance. But their plan puts them in the path of dangerous gangsters, drug lords, and violent assassins, including a martial arts champion (Bolo Yeung).

One of Van Damme’s most famous films, “Double Impact” sees the star pulls double duty as both brothers, with the film giving him the opportunity to punch out, take down, and kick butt twice as hard. Reviews were half as kind, however, with few critics anticipating the action classic the double Van Damme outing would become. At least Roger Ebert, in a shrugging two-star review, noted that the film’s high production values and exotic setting, alongside Van Damme’s good looks and ability to seem “thoroughly comfortable with his feet above his head,” make it a decent action picture.

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