Every Main Character In Bullet Train Ranked Worst To Best

Kimura is one of the most relatable characters in “Bullet Train.” In the film’s opening scene, Kimura is in a hospital room with his son, Wataru, who was pushed off a building; understandably, Kimura wants to get revenge on the person responsible for his son’s injuries. He’s determined to take vengeance for himself, despite his father’s insistence to be patient. Unfortunately, Kimura isn’t quite as intelligent as his father, and he’s quickly pulled into a trap by Prince, who uses Wataru as leverage to get what she wants.

Andrew Koji does a great job at showing Kimura’s frustration, anger, and annoyance during this situation. He’s worried about his son, but he also doesn’t want to have to follow the orders of a bratty young girl. While the interactions between Kimura and Prince are often played for laughs, they do show the love that Kimura has for his son.

Kimura ranks a little bit lower on the list because, compared to his father, he’s kind of a buffoon. However, Kimura does come into his own once the Elder actually boards the train. During the climactic fight scene against White Death’s gang, Kimura shows that he has learned all the lessons that his father taught him about swordplay. If there’s a sequel to “Bullet Train,” hopefully Kimura will play a larger role.

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