The Steamiest Scenes From Married… With Children

Being resigned to a baseline feeling of emasculation is a big part of Al Bundy’s personality and inspires a lot of his behavior. The 1993 episode “‘Til Death Do Us Part” shows him fighting back for a change — against giving up, against community disrespect, and for the affections of Peg, his wife, who often feels neglected and humiliated by her husband’s bedroom activities (or lack thereof).

After Peg lets slip to Marcy about a disappointing night with Al, the gossip spreads around the neighborhood and Mr. Bundy becomes a living joke. In order to reacquire his self-confidence and self-respect — and to get fit for the physical activity of being with his wife — Al starts working out hard. In an attempt to become the star high school athlete he once was, Al trains hard, expressed in an energetic montage to the tune of the Fabulous Thunderbirds’ “Tuff Enuff.” When he’s good and ready, he marches upstairs to Peg on the couch, tears a book in half, and tells her, “Let’s see what you got, punk.” Peg is quite interested as Al throws her over his shoulder, takes her upstairs. Cut to night, cut to morning, cut to night again, with Peggy shouting “Oh, Al!” each time. The sequence ends on one of the most iconic shots ever on “Married… With Children” — Peg happily dazed, her hair looking as if she’s been electrocuted, while Al smokes a cigar. “And to all a goodnight,” he triumphantly declares.

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