Sci-Fi Horror Movies Most People Could Actually Survive

David Cronenberg took a sci-fi horror movie from 1958 and turned it into the nightmarish body horror masterpiece known as “The Fly.” One of the most prominent examples of a horror remake building upon and improving the source material, “The Fly” is often used as a learning tool to show the dangers of man’s hubris. 

As grotesque, graphic, and gory as “The Fly” is on screen, the actual events of “The Fly” would be incredibly easy for most people to survive. For starters, the horror of “The Fly” is individualistic as the inciting horrific incident stems completely from the decisions of Dr. Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum). “The Fly” isn’t a mass plague of mutation or an epidemic, it’s the result of one man’s poor choice. 

There are so many people out there that find “The Fly” to be one of the scariest films they’ve ever seen, despite the fact they’ll never be faced with the possibility of turning into a flyman. For starters, a regular person is not going to be researching teleportation technology, so even being near the lab is next to impossible, but if for some reason an average Joe made it inside, surviving “The Fly” is as easy as not stepping into the telepods. Okay, sure, Brundlefly himself is also something to be concerned with, but fortunately, Geena Davis knows the correct course of action. If anything, we should all be thanking her for keeping us alive.

In any case, use Dr. Brundle’s poor choices as a learning moment, and try not to treat yourself as a human test subject.

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