Cody Rhodes Calls Former WWE Star ‘One Of The Cheapest People’

In the world of “in-game exclusives,” NFTs, and other frivolous baubles of nerd culture, the action figure is still king. And in the world of professional wrestling, no professional wrestler is more associated with action figures than the host of the “Major Wrestling Figures” podcast, Matt Cardona, fka Zack Ryder.

According to Cody Rhodes, Cardona is “one of the cheapest people [he’s] ever met,” saying Cardona’s favorite saying is “‘Crumbs make crumbcake.’” During a WWE/Mattel panel at this past weekend’s San Diego Comic Con, Rhodes said that Cardona paid an ungodly sum for the prototype of an action figure.

“He spent $40,000 for a prototype of Rhythm & Blues Greg [Valentine],” Rhodes said.

Cardona, like many figure investors, usually flips the action figures he buys for a profit, but Rhodes and the SDCC panel all felt that $40K was a little much for one toy, especially in the wake of the former NWA Champion’s financial difficulties in private.

“So you can’t pay for a bar tab,” Cody jested. “You can’t have a drink at EPCOT? But you can pay for Rhythm & Blues Greg? Just a mess.”

In fairness to Cardona, the figure that Cody is ribbing him about was described by Cardona as his “holy grail,” as the original Rhythm & Blues version of Greg “The Hammer” Valentine was never released in stores, and only three exist in the world. The figure has since been reproduced.

Cardona has made his wrestling figure obsession into not only a lucrative trade, but also a community for action figure collectors through the “Major Wrestling Figures” podcast. Cardona is currently recovering from bicep surgery after a torn bicep forced him to relinquish the NWA World Heavyweight Championship earlier this year.

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