Heather Matarazzo from ‘The Princess Diaries’ is Not ‘Stranger Things’ Star Gaten Matarazzo’s Mom

They both may play lovable dorks on the screen and share the same last name but for all those who are wondering: no, Gaten Matarazzo from Stranger Things is not the son of Heather Matarazzo from Welcome To The Dollhouse and The Princess Diaries. In a viral TikTok video, the actress who played Dawn “Wiener Dog” Wiener in Todd Solondz’s acclaimed breakthrough indie — as well Mia’s (Anne Hathaway) best friend Lilly Moscovitz — cleared up the rumor to fans, as reported by Primetimer.

Previously, she stitched a video of a shocked fan looking up Gaten’s Wikipedia page, where his mother, who is also named Heather, was listed under his parents. Over the video, the fan wrote, “Dustin’s mom is Lilly Moscovitz from Princess Diaries??” Though, on her end of the duet, she shook her head and mouthed “I’m not.”

In a second video, which had over 44,000 likes, she was able to clarify things even more.

“I just wanted to clarify something because I’ve been getting a number of messages regarding this,” she started.

“I absolutely adore Gaten Matarazzo, I absolutely adore him. I think he is brilliant, I think he is wonderful,” she said. “But I cannot claim him as my son. Because he is not.”

She even went on to address Gaten directly.

“Gaten, if you would like to help confirm this, that would be greatly appreciated. I also wonder how inundated you’re getting with messages as well.”

Despite them not being related, she has nothing but love for the Stranger Things star.

“So yes, love Gaten Matarazzo. Not my kid,” she said. “I have no kids. They’re all fur babies. Four-legged babies.”

You can stream Stranger Things on Netflix and The Princess Diaries on Disney+.

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