A Fresh Twist On The Old Chosen One Narrative

With Luv and Deckard gone, K gets picked up by a group of replicant revolutionaries, which includes Mariette (Mackenzie Davis), the prostitute Joi used for her body double when she and K were making love. The head of the group, Freysa (Hiam Abbass), was there when Rachael’s miracle baby was born, and it turns out the child was a girl. K realizes that Ana (Carla Juri), a doctor and memory designer for replicants he met before, is Deckard’s daughter. She illegally implanted her own real memories in him.

It’s official: he’s not the chosen one, after all. With pity, Freysa says to him, “You imagined it was you… We all wish it was us.”

Deakins and Gassner also collaborated on the James Bond film, “Skyfall,” and in “Blade Runner 2049,” they brought to bear the same creative synergy to fashion a series of eye-catching tableaus: not just the nighttime views of a futuristic L.A. or the dusty daytime vistas of Vegas in ruins, but also, some stylishly lit interiors in the Wallace Corporation. It’s an industrial temple with floors surrounded by water, like islands. The walls shimmer with watery reflections.

This is where Deckard confronts a carbon copy of Rachael, a replicant of a replicant, the handiwork of the blind technologist, Niander Wallace (Jared Leto). When Deckard refuses to give up information about his child’s last-known whereabouts, Wallace sends him off with Luv, with the understanding that torture awaits him off-world.

K, however, intercepts them in his flying car, forcing them to crash-land on a seawall, where K and Luv subsequently fight to the death. He drowns her, but not before she stabs him and gives him the kiss of death, declaring herself “the best one.”

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