What These Marvel Villains Really Look Like Under The Makeup

The Other may have only appeared in two Marvel Studios films, but he was around during some important moments in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. An original character not based on any specific comic book IP, the Other made his first appearance in 2012’s “The Avengers” as the personal servant for Thanos, giving Loki the scepter which contained the Mind Stone, as well as control of Thanos’ Chitauri army. While Loki was ultimately unsuccessful in his task of taking over the Earth, Thanos and the Other struck a deal with Ronan the Accuser in which they’d provide him support for his personal vendetta against the Xandarians when he brought them the Power Stone. During a heated argument in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” Ronan kills the Other in front of an uncaring Thanos, and that’s the last we see of him in the MCU.

Mysterious and menacing perfectly describe the Other’s distinctive design, so it’s no surprise that it was more complex to create than it looks. Ironhead Studio, led by sculptor Jose Fernandez, are responsible for creating the Other, as seen in this Instagram post from the studio, which highlights the prosthetic pieces for the arms, chest, and face that the actor had to wear.

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