Small Details You Missed In The Full-Length Trailer For The Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power

As the clip approaches the one-minute point, Galadriel is shown being encouraged by multiple people to stop fighting. One Elf tells her she’s fought long enough. Another tells her to put up her sword. In fact, this second pointy-eared fellow is none other than Elrond himself, played here — in a much younger form than we’re used to — by Robert Aramayo. The two verbally spar over the pacifistic remark, with Galadriel claiming Elrond hasn’t seen what she has seen. The latter’s response is that “I have seen my share.”

While Galadriel ends up playing a trump card on Elrond’s past experiences a moment later, the half-Elven hero isn’t blowing smoke. Even by this early point in his life, Elrond has actually seen some pretty rough stuff. When he is just six years old, he’s a victim of an Elven civil war called the Third Kinslaying. The future leader of Rivendell and his twin brother, Elros, are spared amidst the carnage, but even then, they think their mother has committed suicide by jumping into the ocean rather than being captured by her attackers (spoiler: she survives).

While this does give Elrond some serious past experiences, though, it pales in comparison to Galadriel’s trials and tribulations, as we’ll see elsewhere in our details breakdown. Still, it’s an interesting little point that Elrond really does have some past scars, some of which he obtains as a very, very young Elf.

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