The Untold Truth Of Marvel’s Gorr The God Butcher

When the first few pieces of Gorr’s tragic backstory were revealed in “Thor: God of Thunder #6,” we were given the bullet points of his trauma and the auspicious god battle he stumbled upon, granting him the Necrosword. But the real story behind Gorr’s ironic deification is much, much deeper than a simple tale of misery and fortune — it not only involves the symbiote god Knull and his amorphous, umbral sword, but also an ancient, supreme God of Light, the powerful Enigma Force, and even the universe’s own avatar, Captain Universe.

One of the two gods that a young Gorr fatefully stumbled upon was the dark lord Knull, but the other is just as important. That god was an agent of Knull’s eternal archenemy, the God of Light. In the exact same way that Knull poured his power into one weapon, The God of Light poured his power into the Enigma Force. The two weapons are forever opposed, and so are their wielders. Gorr, wielding the Necrosword, will forever be destined to oppose wielders of the Enigma Force, which all assume the mantle of Captain Universe.

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