How The Cast Of Elvis Should Really Look

Priscilla Beaulieu moved a lot growing up; her stepfather was an Air Force officer, and as soon as their family had put down stakes in a place, it was time to pull them up and move once again. In 1959 the Beaulieu family relocated to Bad Nauheim, West Germany, and it was there that she met a young GI named Elvis Presley (per The Guardian). Presley was, of course, already world-famous at this point, but he was immediately smitten. Beaulieu was 14 years old at the time (per The Independent). Like his former Sun Records compatriot Jerry Lee Lewis, Presley and Beaulieu had a potentially scandalous and illegal relationship on their hands. At 16, Beaulieu moved into Graceland and finished high school in Memphis, and five years later, in 1967, she and Presley were married (per The Independent). The marriage lasted just a few years, torn apart by mutual infidelities (though his far outnumbered hers), drug use, and the ravages of fame (per The Independent and Metro). After the death of Presley and his father, however, Priscilla took control of The King’s estate and founded Elvis Presley Enterprises (per the New York Daily News), which has ensured that Elvis remains one of the highest-earning celebrities, alive or dead, in the world.

To prepare to play Priscilla, Australian actress Olivia DeJonge would listen to her voice narrating a tour of Graceland every night as she fell asleep. She’s best known for her roles in the Netflix dystopian teen drama series “The Society” and M. Night Shyamalan’s found-footage horror flick, “The Visit.” The real Priscilla said she was “pleasantly surprised” by DeJonge’s strong, caring portrayal of her in the film (per ABC News).

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