The Entire Darth Vader Story Finally Explained

Sometime afterward, the second Death Star was completed. Palpatine planned to use the new superweapon as bait to ensnare and defeat the rebellion by making it look more vulnerable than it was, while also using it to lure Luke Skywalker, who’d finally completed his Jedi training. Luke re-emerged on Endor, where he surrendered to Vader. Luke was fully determined to redeem his father, just as Vader was once again determined to convert his son. 

Vader brought Luke before the Emperor, who attempted to provoke anger in him by revealing his plan to trap the rebels. After all, anger leads to the Dark Side. This sparked a final duel between Darth Vader and his son, and during the fight, Vader sensed in his son’s mind that he had a sister — Vader’s second child. Using this knowledge, Vader drew Luke’s anger out, and Luke defeated Vader with force. But seconds before killing his father, Luke realized he was becoming just like Vader, so he tossed his weapon aside, refusing to join the dark side. 

Enraged, Palpatine retaliated with Force lightning. Watching his son die in agony, Vader reclaimed the good part of himself that Padmé once spoke of and threw his master down the core shaft of the Death Star, seemingly killing him. Gravely injured by Palpatine, Darth Vader didn’t have much longer to live, but with his dying breath, Anakin Skywalker returned to the light, assuring his son that he was right all along.

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