Biggest Unanswered Questions From Seinfeld

While George held a string of jobs over the course of “Seinfeld,” often resulting in his termination for absolutely harebrained infractions, his most memorable job on the show was with the New York Yankees. George’s direct supervisor is Mr. Wilhelm, a manager who begins displaying signs of degenerative dementia as George continues to work under him. However, one of the most puzzling assignments that Wilhelm gave George to complete was a task whose nature is still unknown.

Taking place during the two-part Season 7 episode “The Bottle Deposit,” Wilhelm gives George instructions for the assignment while in the bathroom, believing George to be listening to him. Already feeling that he asks for clarification about his work too often, George tries to tactfully learn what his important task is, studying any offhand clues he can glean from Wilhelm. Ultimately, Wilhelm completes the mystery assignment himself, but thinks that George did it. Yankees owner George Steinbrenner believes the result to be the work of a madman and has George institutionalized for it. Despite the apparent insanity of the assignment, what Wilhelm completed is never revealed.

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