Actors Who Were Never The Same After Their Co-Stars Died

Lauren Bacall and Humphrey Bogart were two of the biggest stars of the classic Hollywood film era — it almost seemed like fate that they would eventually fall in love. After working together on the film To Have and Have Not in 1944, sparks were flying — which was somewhat complicated by the fact that Bogart was married at the time. Shortly after the film premiered, Bogart divorced his wife, and married Bacall just a few months later.

Sadly, after just over a decade of marriage with Bacall, Bogart passed away in 1957. Both Bacall and Bogart famously had affairs while married to each other, but their chemistry was still undeniable. Bacall did remarry a few years after Bogart’s death, yet her second husband, Jason Robards, still referred to her as “The Widow Bogart.” She never truly got over Bogart, and in her memoir, Be Myself, Bacall wrote, “No one has ever written a romance better than we lived.”

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