Pete Davidson’s Most Memorable SNL Moments Ranked

During his last episode of “SNL,” Davidson stopped by the Weekend Update desk for a segment that was subsequently titled “Pete Davidson Says Goodbye for Now.” Davidson was as true to himself as ever, speaking honestly about his time on the show and how it changed his life. He revealed Lorne Michaels’ initial reaction to his audition, which was as blunt and brazen as should be expected from the showrunner. He also touched upon the controversy his work has spawned, and the bizarre pool of “SNL” alumni he’s joining.

Most affectingly, Davidson used the segment to say goodbye to Colin Jost, the fans, Lorne Michaels, and the show itself. The emotionality of the moment is plain on his face and in his voice — a rare occurrence for Davidson, who so often seems to have one foot out of reality. But he also left amidst a cloud of laughter as he compared himself to Dobby, a house-elf from the “Harry Potter” series, and claimed his mother loves Jost more than himself. In the end, Davidson departed in the same manner he arrived: hilariously, uniquely, and honestly.

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