Why Hollywood Won’t Cast Kim Basinger Anymore

So what’s next for Kim Basinger? Does she have another passion project up her sleeve? Right now, her passion is fighting for the rights of animals, although she openly admits that it’s often an uphill struggle. “There’s so many things,” she told Samaritan Mag. “The wild animals in the poaching situation. I’m working on something 24/7 with the Humane Society.”

What about regrets? Turns out she has none whatsoever, as Basinger explained to the Georgian Journal. “We all have our challenges, our ups, our downs, our wins and losses, our successes and our failures, but each and every one of us has a journey,” she said. “Through the years I have learned to truly embrace my journey and to be thankful for everything I’ve ever gone through, whether truly positive or trying to get through a tough situation. I just feel I am a student of life, I’ve learned much, and I will be learning until I leave this planet.”

Hopefully she won’t be leaving this planet any time soon, as Basinger is a force for good in Hollywood and beyond. Sadly, being outspoken doesn’t always help a career in the movies run smoothly, and her days as a big-name star may well be over. Not that she cares. “I truly have no regrets,” she insists. “I try to live every day in the present, not having one foot in the future or one foot in the past.”

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