The Flash Actor Volunteers to Become the MCU’s Human Torch

The DC star wants to make that MCU jump..

After John Krasinski’s epic cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as Reed Richards aka Mister Fantastic sent the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom into a collective frenzy, the upcoming reboot of the Fantastic Four has once again piqued the interest of many.

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Credit: Marvel Studios

Now, we still don’t know whether or not Krasinski (and his wife Emily Blunt, for that matter) will actually be the official members of Earth-616’s elite superhero team but it’s safe to assume that Multiverse of Madness was a way for Marvel Studios to test the waters.

As it stands, we’ve yet to get ourselves some much-needed casting details for the anticipated reboot but one star from the DC universe is already volunteering to become part of the famed First Family.

On Twitter, Jordan Fisher, who stars in The CW’s The Flash as Barry Allen’s son Bart aka Impulse has expressed his desire to jump ship to the MCU. Sharing an impressive artwork created by artist @xPRKRx that depicts him as Johnny Storm, the 26-year-old actor captioned his post with a drooling emoji, pretty much hinting that he wants in on the reboot. Check it out here:

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There have been previous reports claiming that Marvel plans to do a revamped version of the Fantastic Four with a “diverse” set of cast members and if that’s the case, Fisher definitely fits the bill. I gotta say though, I truly hope they keep Krasinski on board because his Doctor Strange 2 cameo pretty much proved that the fandom is still invested in him leading the reboot potentially with Blunt.

The release date of the MCU’s Fantastic Four reboot has yet to be announced.

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