Horror Movie Child Stars Who Disappeared From The Spotlight

The Grady twins haunt more than the Overlook Hotel; even years later, the girls haunt our dreams. Their scenes in “The Shining,” which often featured them hand in hand, standing at the end of a long hotel corridor, have not only become synonymous with the film at large, they’ve transcended the horror genre. In their pastel blue dresses, Louise and Lisa Burns have become a horror reference point, with riffs on their images popping up in TV shows and movies since the release of “The Shining.” They are the creepy twins to end all creepy twins. 

Despite their resonant presence, the Burns sisters had a hard time finding roles after working on the film. In an interview with the Daily Mail, Louise explained that she was denied admission at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art due to her already working as a professional actor. Instead, Louise went on to become a scientist while Lisa became a lawyer. Despite their hard break from the movie industry, both of the Burns sisters still have a fondness for their time spent working with Kubrick and their many fans. They even run an Instagram account dedicated to their roles in “The Shining.”

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