The Entire Star Wars Story Finally Explained

The Death Star II is fitted with a shield generated by a satellite dish on the forest moon of Endor. The Rebels launch a covert attack to destroy this generator and a full-scale fleet assault to destroy the Death Star once the shield is down. Luke, Han, Leia, and Chewie lead the Endor team, while Lando, Admiral Ackbar, and Wedge Antilles lead the fleet strike.

The plan nearly goes south when Luke, Han, and Chewie are captured by the native Ewoks, but luckily, Leia and C-3PO get them on their side. Luke, realizing Vader is near, informs Leia of their relationship, then turns himself into Vader. As the battle commences, Vader brings Luke before the Emperor, who attempts to convert him. Luke resists until the Emperor reveals the Death Star is fully operational and capable of destroying the entire Rebel fleet. Hoping to kill the Emperor, Luke summons his lightsaber, leading to a duel with Vader. Tapping into his anger, Luke manages to overpower his father — but as he realizes he’s following his dark example, Luke throws his lightsaber aside and proclaims himself a Jedi.

Enraged, the Emperor tortures Luke with Force lightning. Pushed to the limit, Vader throws his master into the station’s reactor core, apparently killing him. He dies soon after, redeemed. On Endor, Han and Leia destroy the shield generator, and the Rebel fleet destroys the Death Star. During the ensuing celebration, Luke burns his father’s body, and watches Anakin’s Force ghost join Obi-Wan and Yoda. Elsewhere, Ahsoka resurfaces and reunites with Sabine Wren. They go in search of a still-missing Ezra Bridger.

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