Every Bridgerton Love Scene Ranked

Simon and Daphne’s first time in Season 1, Episode 5, “The Duke and I,” is the kind of love scene that romance fans dream of. It’s the buildup of the fake dating trope becoming more and more real as viewers finally see it come to pass in a way that feels earned. However, what makes Simon and Daphne’s so special — other than the breathtaking cover of Celeste’s “Strange” by Kris Bowers — is that it’s gentle, warm, and utterly respectful of a woman’s choices.

It’s also one of the best-known love scenes in “Bridgerton,” as it occurs right after Simon’s prevalent “I burn for you” line. The scene makes it clear that though they don’t marry by choice, at the end of the day, they would still choose one another. Simon patiently waits, not wanting to do a single thing until he understands, with zero uncertainties, that Daphne wants him as well. The lighting in the room and the honest conversations they carry exhibit how comfortable they are together as best friends first and foremost.

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