Best Easter Eggs And References In Star Trek: Strange New Worlds

As Spock briefs the captain he pulls up a star chart of the region, providing perhaps the episode’s best Easter egg moment, worthy of a long pause. The star shart is filled with so many references to past episodes we could write an entire article on just this image alone. 

Clearly visible are Cardassia Prime and Bajor, the two key worlds at the center of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.” The chart is also littered with other familiar worlds, including Vulcan, Andoria, and Trill. The Klaestron system is not far from Trill, which makes sense as it was the home planet of one of Dax’s former lovers. We also see Mizar, the system that was the home of Thol, and Cor Caroli, which is where Captain Picard cured a plague, both of which are featured in “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” From “Star Trek: The Original Series,” we see Sigma Draconis, Talos, Coridan, and Sherman’s Planet. In addition, Azati Prime and Denobula, from “Enterprise,” are depicted appropriately as not far from Earth. 

Also from “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” are worlds such as Tzenketh, Xepolite, Chin’Toka, Kobliad, Free Haven, and Dreon. We also see the Archanis sector marked in red in the lower right. The Klingons contested control of this region in Season 5 of that series, with Gowron calling their claim on the sector “ancient and indisputable.” On the star chart, it is marked as Klingon territory. 

Further “Star Trek: The Next Generation” callouts include Drayken, Tau Ceti — home of the mysterious traveler — and Nausicaa, which has produced some of the galaxy’s most ruthless mercenaries. The Argus Array is listed as a Federation installation, which is featured in the episode “Parallels,” where Cardassians are apparently tampering with it. 

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