The Untold Truth Of Botched

There’s an assumption that Drs. Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow, after all those seasons of “Botched” and all their years in private practice, have seen it all. And while that assumption isn’t necessarily incorrect, the docs have also confessed that they’re still capable of being shocked by the horrific results on patients who’ve experienced plastic surgery gone awry. 

That, Nassif admitted in an interview with Cosmopolitan, was particularly true in the show’s earlier seasons. “I would say 60 percent of the cases on ‘Botched’ this season for Paul and I, we’re floored,” said Nassif, discussing the show’s then-upcoming second season. He continued, “It was jaw-dropping, mouth open, ‘Are you kidding me!?’”

When they encounter these extreme plastic surgery disasters, the doctors do become affected emotionally. “We get angry… our emotions are mixed. From anger to … you feel horrible for that person,” Nassif admitted to the Daily Mail, musing, “It’s a combination of feelings that change throughout the whole process.”

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