Here’s What Happened To The Cast Of Storage Wars

Lesa Lewis came to Storage Wars: Texas at a professional crossroads. When the show began, she’d been buying storage unit contents at auctions for years, and unlike her co-stars, sold the best of what she found online. Storage Wars: Texas depicted Lewis starting a retail operation for the first time, a thrift store called Again and Again, alongside her employee and de facto buying partner Jerry Simpson, who clearly resented Lewis frequently giving into temptation and keeping some of her best storage scores for herself. 

After starring as one of the main locker-picking teams in the first season of Storage Wars: Texas, appearances from Lewis and Simpson diminished in the second and third years of the series, with producers focusing on latter cast additions Jenny Grumbles and Mary Padian. According to Online Storage Auction, Lewis said she and Simpson vacated their main roles because of a salary dispute, which was resolved after filming had resumed.

After the series wrapped production, Lewis focused on her business. According to Facebook, Again and Again remains open for business in Crockett, Texas.

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