Strange New Worlds’ Reveals Spock’s Full Name

The Star Trek franchise has been steadily expanding, especially with the introduction of Paramount Plus, which has allowed for various spin-offs to go into development. This includes the upcoming series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds which will explore a variety of familiar characters, including Spock from Star Trek: The Original Series. With Strange New Worlds also serving as a prequel for the original series, there are plenty of opportunities to expand the lore and backstories of the franchise. This is especially evident with the aforementioned character Spock, because Strange New Worlds has now revealed Spock’s full name.

Indeed, for the first time ever, fans now know Spock’s full name. The name was revealed along with the full name of Dr. M’Benga, with the two characters having received their own posters at the Star Trek: Mission Chicago event. The new posters, which you can see below via TrekCore, reveal the characters in full costume along with their names. Spock’s name is S’chn T’gai Spock, while Dr. M’Benga is Jabilo M’Benga. Perhaps it’s worth mentioning that these names were referenced in prior novels, but now they’ve been confirmed for the official on-screen canon.

Here are the posters:

While Star Trek: Strange New Worlds will bring the franchise back to a familiar format, alongside its familiar cast of characters, it’s clear that there will be some massive changes as well. Especially with the knowledge of not only what Spock’s complete name is, but also Dr. M’Benga’s name. This is only our first glimpse at the types of revelations that this series will present to fans, so we’ll have to stay tuned to see what else is in store. But at this rate, it will surely change the Star Trek franchise in some impressive ways going forward.

Fans will be able to see Star Trek: Strange New Worlds when it premieres on the Paramount Plus streaming service May 5, 2022.

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