Five Great Sci-Fi Movies That Too Many People Haven’t Seen

Is there anyone that happens to know how many sci-fi movies are actually out there? There are plenty of good ones that don’t get as much attention as they deserve, but there are some that are definitely good enough to be considered among the best and somehow it feels as though not enough people have seen them. It could be that the cast wasn’t as high profile as people wanted or the story wasn’t the same old tired tale that’s been dragged out again and again for the enjoyment of those that profess to like innovation and creativity but tend to want the same old outcomes. Whatever the case might be the fact is that there are movies out there in the sci-fi genre that don’t get enough attention or credit for whatever reason and it’s possible that if brought to the attention of more people that they might finally do something and be shown for the original and great stories they are. Or at the very least it will help people to broaden their horizons and see what else there is to see from time to time.

Here are some of the best sci-fi movies that a lot of people might not have seen.

5. Snowpiercer

To be fair, this movie might be getting more recognition now that it’s been turned into a streaming series that people can take notice of, but it’s fair to think that a lot of people still don’t know about the movie. Chris Evans has taken on plenty of projects that people probably don’t know about since he’s been quite the talented actor before taking on the role of Captain America, but a lot of folks might not have seen a good number of his movies. This one in particular is pretty depressing even if the ultimate goal is to reach the front of the train and remind the people living in luxury that there are still people living in the rear that want justice for all that’s been taken from them.

4. The Endless

When two brothers return to a camp that they perceived in two different manners they eventually discover that not only are there strange happenings going on at the camp but that the people are not what one of the brothers thought they were. Instead, they’re decent people, but something is definitely going on around the camp as a strange, unseen entity can be felt lurking beyond sight, an entity that provides clues that eventually alienate one of the brothers from the rest of the camp. Eventually, both brothers leave the camp after discovering that there is something weird going on in the vicinity, but when the entity destroys the camp they’re left with no other option than to head home.

3. I Am Mother

With each painful step into this movie, it becomes more and more obvious that the downfall of humanity was in building the AI that would eventually become mother, which is integrated into every possible AI that we see in the movie. It’s not a painful thing to watch, but it is painful to learn that humanity’s hubris knows few if any bounds as many people should already know. Daughter, the human child that Mother has raised for so many years, eventually rebels against Mother after a survivor is found and subsequently killed at Mother’s behest. As the movie ends it becomes clear that the Daughter has become Mother now as she looks upon the many human embryos that are kept within the same bunker she’s been raised in.

2. Prospect

It could be that this movie glosses over a few facts that might be nice to know, but the action and the top surface of the overall story are great enough that they offer plenty for the audience to enjoy, plus, Pedro Pascal’s performance is one of the best that people can hope for since the guy is able to captivate a person without much effort. But as he takes on the character of Ezra it’s pretty clear that he’s not exactly a trustworthy individual, though Cee really doesn’t make anything that much better with her shoot first and ask questions when the smoke clears manner. At the very least the two do manage to get away in the end.

1. Moon

Sam was just looking forward to going home at the end of his contract, but of course, something was bound to happen since the resources and time needed to get people to the moon base where precious minerals are being collected to send back to earth. When he discovers a clone of himself lying unconscious in a rover he starts to question his entire time on the job and whether or not what he knows is real. The worst part comes when he realizes that the real Sam made it home years ago and that he and his fellow clones have been programmed to die off at the end of their ‘contract’.

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