What Little Hercules Is Up To Today

There is a particular part of Richard’s recent Inside Edition interview that we’d like very much like to highlight. You will notice, following the question “If you could have your dream job today, what would it be,” that less than half a second elapses before Richard has given the question all the thought he needs to in order to give a perfectly chill reply. “Quantum scientist. For… more specifically, maybe even an engineer at NASA,” he informed the interviewer before slapping his knee and nodding his head while the camera zoomed in (it’s like he’s achieved borderline McConaughey levels of cool). He’s the platonic ideal of beach bae. He loves his parents, he takes care of himself, he’s proud of his past—it almost makes you want to swoon, especially after the interviewer swoops back in for one last check on Lil Herc’s NASA aspirations, asking, “Would you see that becoming a reality?”

But our man is unflappable. “Absolutely,” he replies. No hesitation. “There’s no reason that it couldn’t be.” Oh, Little Hercules. We are swooning. This is what it feels like to swoon. Hang in there, baby.

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