The Truth About The Actress Who Plays Beth In Yellowstone

Despite how much Kelly Reilly loves Beth, she would rather change things up than play another character like her. The actress told Looper that, since people love her playing this character, she’s been approached for many similar roles. “I’m inundated with very feisty, strong, violent-type women. I don’t want to play that again, those badly written Beths,” she explained. “So, I stay away from them and instead am looking for the next role that takes me into different waters.”

And, true to her word, the actress tackled a completely different character in the 2021 period horror film “Eight For Silver.” In the film, Reilly plays Isabelle Laurent, who is far more mild-mannered than Beth. Speaking about the role to Screen Rant, she said, “Playing someone so utterly different from this character that I had been so immersed in for a few years, I was just like, ‘Yes, I’m in!’”

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