The Best Moments (And The Best Little Details) In The Batman

When the Riddler reveals that he sees himself and Batman as allies, Batman replies by telling him that they’re not friends, and that the riddle-loving greeting card connoisseur is going to die alone. Okay, I don’t remember the exact dialogue, so allow me to paraphrase with an exchange that I believe captures the essence of the moment.

The Riddler: Besties? ^_^

Batman: NO. F*** you. You’re gonna die alone.

The Riddler: (;﹏;)

I have a lot of thoughts about that moment, and one of them is that it was deeply satisfying and a bit funny. Batman’s swift rebuke of the Riddler is fantastic, and there’s a bit of humor in a guy wearing $100,000 worth of bat-themed gear calling out another guy for being a poorly adjusted weirdo.

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