The Untold Truth Of Cole Hauser

Cole Hauser may be a Hollywood star with nearly 30 years and more than 50 credits to his name. But as he explained to IGN while promoting his 2004 thriller “Paparazzi,” he’s not one to rest on his laurels. “You never stop fighting, ever,” he said. “The day that you do that, you’re done, truthfully.”

The Californian then referred to the movie’s producer Mel Gibson as an example of someone who always pushes himself before bringing up the time he worked on a Scottish indie film, “A Shot at Glory,” with Robert Duvall: “I asked him, ‘What do you think it is that’s made you so good, in my opinion, over the years?’ And he said, ‘Man, it’s hard work. You just have to keep working. You don’t take any days off. Don’t take a second off. The day you do, you miss, you lose.’”

While discussing his second Gibson collaboration, “Panama,” 16 years later to Hollywood Life, Hauser proved that he still remained dedicated to testing his acting abilities: “I’m always looking for different challenges and different characters that excite me. Rip [from “Yellowstone”] is his own entity, and I love playing him. He’s a fabulous character, but I’m interested in branching out and seeing different sides of myself.”

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