Drew Barrymore’s Famous Family Tree Explained

Drew Barrymore’s great-grandfather Maurice Barrymore was born Edward Blythe in India to British parents, with a father who worked for the British East India Company, according to Britannica. His parents hoped he’d become a lawyer; instead, Maurice became a boxer, and then an actor, sometimes acting with other members of his family. One of them was his wife, Georgiana Drew, also an actor, whom he met while performing in Augustin Daly’s famed theater company.

Of the couple, Georgiana was the bigger star, appearing in hits like “As You Like It,” “Pique,” and “The Senator,” which ran for almost two years with her in the lead. She co-starred with the other lead actors of the day, including Helena Modjeska and Edwin Booth (yes, the brother of John Wilkes Booth). Georgiana’s career, however, was sadly cut short in 1893, when she died of tuberculosis in her late 30s (via The New York Times).

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