Easter Eggs You Missed In The Batman

For years, Warner Bros. tried to get a shared cinematic universe up-and-running with the DC Extended Universe. This established that films like “Man of Steel,” “Wonder Woman,” and “Aquaman” all existed within the same timeline, similar to what Marvel had accomplished with the MCU. Over the years, the franchise has been met with mixed responses, so DC has branched off into other separate entities since the beginnings of the DCEU. “The Batman” falls into that category as it exists in its own separate timeline, completely detached from what Ben Affleck had done during his tenure as the Dark Knight.

As such, there aren’t too many references to other DC properties outside of the Batman mythos. You won’t find anyone referencing Metropolis or Superman in this movie; however, it does manage to accomplish a bit of world-building that could easily pay off down the line. Toward the end of the flick, Catwoman mentions how she’s going to get out of Gotham for a while and perhaps head up to Blüdhaven. 

The name should sound familiar to anyone who’s read the Batman comics or checked out “Arrow” on The CW. The fictional city has come up frequently in DC Comics over the years as a nearby locale to Gotham. In fact, when Nightwing decides to venture out as his own hero, he sets up his base of operations in Blüdhaven to get away from Batman. 

What does this mean for the future of “The Batman?” It might mean nothing and serve as solely a way to get Catwoman out of the picture to make room for other villains/anti-heroes in “The Batman 2.” But it’s good to know that if Dick Grayson ever enters the fold, Blüdhaven is there, awaiting its protector.

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